Morten Bjørn Hallkvist


I am a purpose-driven designer and technologist with a flair for leading high-performing, thriving teams.



2018 - 2020

Worked as a creative technologist and product owner on a variety of early day digital initiatives:, Conversational Form, Spaces on Wheels and Solarville. I was part of kickstarting the programme around digital experimentation with spatial computing, generative artificial intelligence and ethical applications of emerging technology. I went on to lead the team delivering the first season of Everyday Experiments.


2020 - 2021

Solo-studio focused on delivering low-impact web-based experiences and websites for small companies and independent creatives. Ultimately flopped as business, but taught me valuable lessons in entrepreneurship and discipline along the way.


2021 - Now

As a strategic design lead at Manyone, I drive strategy-defining projects with a diverse team of talented designers. The projects range from highly conceptual tactical prototyping to precise execution of mixed reality brand activation. Clients range from juggernauts like Novo Nordisk, IKEA and Novonesis to independant artists like Wang & Söderström to NGOs like UNICEF.

Side projects

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